Flexible Mobility Scooter Finance Options with Kiwi Mobility Scooter

Why lease a scooter?

 A twelve month lease can be more affordable than buying a scooter outright, depending on your circumstances. and at the end of the lease you can choose to return it or extend the lease for as long as you want.

Leasing is easier on the pocket!

Don’t feel stuck with a Mobility Scooter that might not fit your needs. There are many different models available, but some of these can have small motors and small wheels with shorter battery life whereas some models are equipped with suspension, larger tyres and better batteries, allowing you to cover more ground and explore further, with less restrictions.

Leasing gives you the flexibility to see which scooter best suits your needs.  

Improved Safety

One of the best advantages to leasing your mobility scooter is safety. When you lease you are offered late model scooters that are maintained, serviced  and are in excellent working order. You know you are getting a safe and reliable ride. Whenever there is an issue with your scooters function or should you have a concern about its operation, the solution is simple, contact us at Kiwi Mobility and we will arrange for it to be serviced. This ensures your scooter is always in good working order, which is essential to maintaining a safe and reliable ride day in and day out. For peace of mind contact us today.

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