Expert Mobility Scooter Service: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes we do provide demonstrations, and if you lease or buy a scooter from us, we will set up the scooter to suit you, provide a User Manual and give you comprehensive operating instructions.

Yes, but it is not recommended on very wet days or to drive through deep puddles.

Yes, mobility scooters are a “pedestrian mobility device” and are therefore authorised for use on footpaths. You should only be on the road if you are crossing over the road.

Depending on the model of scooter, the conditions, terrain, weight being carried and the age of the batteries, new fully charged batteries should take you up to 50 kms.

New batteries should last approximately five years.

Yes we provide servicing and repairs for all scooters sold or leased by us.

Yes, as part of your lease or purchase Kiwi Mobility Scooters provide you with free memebership for one year to the AA Get Home Safely programme. This will give you peace of mind should anything untoward happen.

Yes, Kiwi Mobility Scooters do lease scooters. Call 0800614121 or email for further information.

Yes, Kiwi Mobility Scooters do have used scooters for sale from time to time. These scooters will have been serviced by us prior to sale.

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